Integrating UniFi Wi-Fi Seamlessly with Google Workspace

google workspace

Simplified Login

Eliminate password hassles. Use existing Google Workspace credentials for seamless Wi-Fi access.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from Google's advanced security. Safeguard Wi-Fi access with trusted authentication.

Unified Management

Streamline IT tasks. Centralize user management with efficient Google Workspace integration

Experience Seamless

Reserve your spot in our demo to witness Google Workspace and UniFi connectivity in harmony.


Simplified Access

Eliminate the need for separate Wi-Fi credentials by leveraging existing Google Workspace accounts.

SAML Integration

Take advantage of SAML 2.0 for secure, industry-standard authentication between Google Workspace and UniFi.

UniFi Compatibility

Designed with Ubiquiti's UniFi in mind, our service seamlessly integrates with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Single Sign On

Users authenticate once and enjoy access to both Google Workspace and UniFi, providing a seamless user experience


Easily accommodate organizational growth or change with the scalable Google Workspace and UniFi integration.

Unified Management

Combine your SMS and email marketing in one platform to drive more sales and talk directly to your customers.

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