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ActiveCampaign is a robust customer experience automation platform tailored for businesses seeking advanced marketing and sales automation

ActiveCampaign provides an array of tools designed to facilitate targeted email marketing, enhance customer journeys, and measure marketing ROI. Key features include advanced automations, audience segmentation, and seamless integration with widely-used CRM and e-commerce systems. Many companies leverage ActiveCampaign to boost customer engagement and increase revenue through automated marketing.

ActiveCampaign Benefits


ActiveCampaign's sophisticated automation and segmentation features enable companies to craft deeply customized customer experiences


With ActiveCampaign, companies can streamline various marketing activities, including email dispatch, social media posting, and SMS communication


ActiveCampaign offers extensive compatibility with numerous other platforms, including e-commerce solutions, CRM software, and social media channels.

ActiveCampaign Features

Email Marketing

Craft, send, and analyze emails to effectively connect with your audience and drive engagement.

Automation Flows

Easily build complex automations that include triggers, actions, and conditional logic to automate your marketing tasks.

Site Messaging

Proactively engage with website visitors using real-time, targeted pop-ups and on-site messages to boost conversions.

Sales & CRM

Seamlessly manage customer relationships while automating sales processes, all in a unified platform.

Audience Segmentation

Divide your audience into specific segments based on behavior, preferences, and past interactions for more targeted marketing.

Marketing & Analytics

Gain insights through comprehensive metrics to continually optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

ActiveCampaign Integrations

integrate klaviyo with wifi

Integrate ActiveCampaign with your guest WiFi

ubiquiti unifi klaviyo integration

Ubiquiti UniFi

Integrate ActiveCampaign with Ubqiuiti UniFi


Cambium Networks

Integrate ActiveCampaign with Cambium Networks

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