Airship: The Hospitality CRM

Centralise your data. Send tailored emails. Drive visit frequency.

Streamlined Customer Management for Hospitality and Leisure Industries

Airship CRM empowers businesses in hospitality and leisure with tailored customer engagement solutions. Enhance relationships, automate marketing, and drive revenue growth using its comprehensive tools for email, SMS, loyalty programs, and insightful data analytics.

Airship Benefits


Tailor marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and in-app messaging for enhanced customer engagement.


Strengthen customer relationships using robust loyalty program management tools.


Drive data-driven decisions with insights on customer behavior, campaign performance, and KPIs.

Airship Features


Reach customers through email, SMS, and in-app messaging for consistent, targeted communication.


Create specific customer groups based on demographics, behavior, and preferences for targeted marketing.


Streamline marketing tasks with automated workflows, triggers, and scheduled campaigns.

Loyalty Programs

Implement and manage rewards programs to encourage customer retention and repeat visits.


Access comprehensive reports on campaign performance, customer behavior, and engagement metrics.


Connect Airship with other tools and platforms, enhancing functionality and streamlining processes.

Airship Integrations

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