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Looking for Purple.ai Guest WiFi Alternative?

Guest WiFi offers an incredible opportunity to get your customers online, connect with them, and capture valuable marketing data. Find out what makes MyPlace the best alternative to Purple.ai for managing your guest WiFi access.

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Capitalize on your Guest WiFi

We know it. You probably know it, too. There’s an incredible value and growth potential in having a database of existing client emails. It’s the best gateway to reach, engage, and sell to them. 

But how do you get it? There are countless ways, of course, but only one of them gives you an incredible opportunity to capture emails right as customers are in your location—your Guest WiFi.

Tools like MyPlace and Purple.ai help you turn it into a powerful marketing engine. 

But which one should you choose?

At first sight, their Guest WiFi capabilities seem quite similar, after all.

Purple.ai vs. MyPlace

Yet, there are three core differences between MyPlace and Purple.ai


Purple.ai is a complete solution primarily aimed at enterprise-level companies, and that is reflected in its plan structure and price. For example, the basic plan focuses on venues with twenty or fewer access points, while the next plan targets enterprise companies. 

MyPlace focuses on the SMB market and offers simple pricing, starting at $49/month.

  • Simple pricing: MyPlace’s pricing is structured to allow even the smallest venues to capitalize on their guest WiFi.
  • Move to higher plans only when your needs increase: You can use MyPlace on the Starter plan successfully and don’t have to upgrade until your business grows and requires more functionality.

Ease of getting started

In marketing, speed is paramount. You want to launch your captive portal as soon as possible. 

Purple doesn’t offer a self-service option, though. You need to schedule a demo or speak to their expert before you even begin the setup. 

MyPlace, on the other hand, activates your UniFi Guest Portal in minutes by connecting with your UniFi controller. There is no need for extra hardware or flashing of access points.

  • No extra hardware: Integrate directly with your UniFi platform using the native API.
  • No site visits required: Activate your UniFi Guest Portal in minutes by connecting with your UniFi controller.

Simple data capture

It’s true; Purple is a robust platform. It offers many advanced features like wayfinding or asset tracking. 

But you may not need that. And in that case, our solution may suit you better. 

We focus on high-quality customizable guest WiFi portals to capture guest email and integrate into your CRM.

Why do companies choose MyPlace to manage their Guest WiFi?

“Quick and easy to install with no extra hardware required. Customer support was excellent”

Michael Q.


“Easy integration with our Mailchimp service and the volume of data we were able to collect.”

Michael S.

Group Accountant

“I really like how easy MyPlace is to use and how the MyPlace team  has been so helpful”

Mari I.

Office Manager

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