Mailchimp WiFi Guest Portal Integration

Connect your WiFi guest portal to the worlds largest mailing platform.

Automatically create and update records in Mailchimp directly from your WiFi Guest Portal. No more manual exporting and importing of email files.


Higher Open Rates

With accurate segmentation data and customer preferences uploaded to Mailchimp, your email campaigns will be more relevant and will achieve higher open rates

Save Time

Automated API data transfer means guest record updates will be regularly updated in Mailchimp. No more manual importing and mapping of data files

Always Accurate Data

Customer records are constantly being updated based on their behavior and preferences. All updates are shared with Mailchimp so that the data is always accurate

Data Synchronized with Mailchimp

The features you need

Automatic Update

Automatically send all of the marketing data captured on your MyPlace account directly to your Mailchimp account. No need to export and then import csv files

Multiple Segments

The Mailchimp WiFi integration sends multiple data segments across to Mailchimp. Records like venue name, connection used, last visit date, visit frequency and more brings the most valuable data from MyPlace directly in to your Mailchimp account

Data Privacy & Protection

Fulfils all requirements under data protection and GDPR legislation. Automatic unsubscribe synchronization and time limit data deletion means you don't have to worry about data privacy or protection issues


The MyPlace tags feature allows you to tag users based on the part of a venue they are active in, which is particularly useful for large and diverse venues. This tag data is also transferred to Mailchimp for accurate targeting

UniFi Specific

As the MyPlace service directly integrates with Ubiqiuiti UniFi, we deliver all the important UniFi specific stats to Mailchimp. The best way to connect your UniFi WiFi network to Mailchimp 

Quick and Easy Setup

You can connect your MyPlace account and you Mailchimp account in a matter of minutes. Simply paste your Mailchimp API into your account, select the correct audience/list and the synchronization will begin

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see a detailed list of all the data fields that we send on the Mailchimp WiFi Integration page. For static data fields we upload first name, last name, location name, WiFi connection and sign up date. For dynamic fields we update visit frequency, unsubscribe status, Net Promoter Score, tags and last visit date

Yes, if a user unsubscribes from an audience/list on Mailchimp, they will also be marked as unsubscribed on the MyPlace list.

Yes, if you remove the Mailchimp WiFi Connector by stopping the MyPlace service, all of your existing data will remain in Mailchimp

Yes, you can segment your list inside Mailchimp based on the venue data that the MyPlace Mailchimp WiFi integration uploads

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