How to attract families to your restaurant

Families are the forgotten ones when it comes to restaurants as more often than not the restaurant they would like to go to is a not an option with kids. Most restaurateurs are indifferent to catering for families as they don’t really understand the needs of parents with young kids. Families are however a very valuable source of repeat business.  When families are relaxed and enjoy their experience they spend more and return again and again becoming loyal customers. This does not mean that you have to turn your restaurant into a McDonalds play area but with a few subtle and invisible tools you can attract families to your restaurant.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

Parents of young (and older) kids are not that hard to please. All they really want is to get in and out quickly without any hassle, have an enjoyable meal and for their kids to be relaxed and engaged during the meal. As long as the food is of reasonable quality parents will pay a premium if everything else works as it should.

Smartphones are the new crayons

Family focused restaurants always relied on the tried and tested crayons and colouring paper to keep young kids engaged (and quiet) during mealtimes so parents could relax. Smartphones (and tablets, games consoles, music players) are now the favourite of young kids and they will happily watch their favourite cartoon on Netflix or Youtube. This is good news for the restaurateur as they no longer have to pick pieces of crayon from the water jug or from the floor.

WiFi is the sauce that makes it work

One thing that all these devices require is a high quality data connection. Services like Netflix, Youtube and gaming sites among others are quite demanding of data and they really depend on a reliable WiFi connection to work properly. Provide a good WiFi connection and there will be a zen like calm before, during after mealtimes. Don’t forget to make sure you have adequate content filtering on your WiFi service as you don’t want anything unwelcome broadcast in your restaurant by accident.

Don’t forget the basics

Of course you can have the best WiFi in the city but it counts for nothing unless you have the basics right. All you really need to cater effectively for young families is sufficient high chairs, booster seats and space to unload and store buggies. Some limited menu options for young children is also a bonus as it speeds simplifies the ordering process.

Attract families to your restaurant

Open up a new demographic for your restaurant business by putting a few simple steps in place. You will increase your restaurant sales by gaining high spending loyal customers who will keep coming back for more as long as you make it a hassle free experience.


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