How to attract more parties into your bar

Parties in your bar make the difference between a good week and a great week. They generate chunky revenue figures, require less service per head and give you sufficient time to prepare in advance. Parties are efficient contributors to profit and will provide the regular boosts you need to keep your bars key performance indicators moving in the right direction.

How do you get more parties to come into your bar

We know parties are great for business, so how do we get more of them. By being smart and with a little bit of creativity you can open up a regular pipeline of parties for your bar. It is more of a mind-set than a formula but it is easy and it is achievable.

What is your party sweet spot?

First you need to identify your strengths as a venue and what type of clientele you hope to attract. What kind of parties do you currently get bookings for? What kind of parties does your venues suit? Targeting more of these types of parties will increase your likelihood of success. To get you started we have identified a few very effective methods to get more party bookings for your bar.

Use Facebook to target by age

Facebook has lots of data but for the purposes of attracting more parties to your bar you need only be concerned with one – age. If you would like to attract more 30th birthday parties you simply create an ad on facebook with some details of your offering and then select to show it only to 29 year olds in your immediate area, again by selecting only to show ads by location. You can apply location targeting for efficient results. This will cost very little to run and generate a very attractive return of advertising investment. Facebook birthday targeting will also allow you to get similar razor targeting.

Use Google to target by event

Google will allow you to target based on the event type that you feel suits your bar. What would a person search for if they were planning a 40th birthday party. They might be looking for “40th birthday party ideas” or similar. By creating a Google adwords campaign based on this keyword you will make it easier for the planner and increase your chance of getting that party that would have otherwise went to a competitor.

Attract more parties into your bar

You will find that this is a very efficient and cost effective way of getting more business. Keeping a record of what you spend and what the bookings generate will give you the info you need to calculate your return on investment (ROI).  Once you get started and get some early successes it will be easier to build and improve. Technology has created many opportunites for the bar industry, you just need to be aware that they are there and go after them.

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