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Boost your Customer Loyalty with WiFi

Collect crucial customer data via your WiFi network, enabling easy integration with your existing customer loyalty software. Use this rich data to enhance your loyalty strategies, driving stronger retention and deeper customer loyalty


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“Quick and easy to install with no extra hardware required. Customer support was excellent”

Michael Q.


“Easy integration with our Mailchimp service and the volume of data we were able to collect.”

Michael S.

Group Accountant

“I really like how easy MyPlace Connect is to use and Peadar has been so helpful”

Mari I.

Office Manager

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Use your WiFi to Supercharge your Customer Loyalty Software

Customers sign into your WiFi using their email

Your WiFi will launch a portal for all guests who want access to the internet. A fully customizable and branded portal will guide your customers through the quick and easy login process. Free WiFi for your guests and more data for your business. Everyone’s happy

Customize the guest experience. Apply your logo and brand colours for a personalized brand experience

Transform your guest WiFi into a branded journey with multiple customization options. Apply your logo, choose your brand colors, and tailor the portal’s look and feel. This personalization ensures every user interaction is infused with your unique brand essence.”

API’s, webhooks and lightning fast integrations. Create and update contacts in real time

APIs, webhooks, and lightning-fast integrations enable you to create and update contacts instantly. Leverage these powerful tools for real-time synchronization, ensuring efficient data management and seamless integration with your existing systems.

Connect to your favorite tools

Give your customer loyalty software the data it needs to succeed

Fuel for your Customer Loyalty Service

Increase Visibility

Put your business on the map by integrating with your favorite review sites. Drive customer engagement and watch your reputation grow.

More Revenue

Get more customers more often by engaging then on your WiFi. Increase customer lifetime value and keep them coming back for more.

Save Time

Save time and money by integrating with other marketing applications. Set it and forget it to create your marketing machine.

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Frequently asked questions

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MyPlace is a captive portal service for WiFi networks that boosts customer loyalty by offering a customizable WiFi guest portal, WiFi access control, and social login features. This enhances the guest WiFi experience, making it more engaging and memorable for users.

Yes, MyPlace integrates seamlessly with major WiFi hardware brands like UniFi, Cisco Meraki, Cambium, and Ruckus, ensuring easy setup and compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

MyPlace prioritizes data legislation compliance while capturing essential customer information like emails and gender data. We ensure advanced email validation, custom data fields collection, and opt-in customization, adhering to legal standards.

Yes, MyPlace’s Enhanced Integration Engine allows for integration with various customer loyalty software platforms. This means you can synchronize data and create a cohesive loyalty program across different service channels.

While MyPlace primarily focuses on enhancing WiFi experiences, it can be used in conjunction with other systems to support tiered loyalty programs. For example, frequent WiFi users can be segmented into different tiers, receiving varying levels of rewards and recognition.

MyPlace excels in capturing guest emails through its WiFi portal. By requiring guests to register their email before accessing WiFi, you can efficiently collect email addresses, which can then be used for loyalty program onboarding and other marketing efforts.

MyPlace employs advanced email validation techniques to ensure that the email addresses captured are legitimate and active. This enhances the quality of your email list, making your loyalty program more effective.

Yes, MyPlace can integrate with various CRM systems, allowing for seamless synchronization of email lists and efficient management of loyalty program members.

Yes, MyPlace has an API that you can use to bring user data captured from WiFi registration into your customer loyalty software

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