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Effortlessly execute your electronic data capture software through your WiFi network, integrating smoothly with top marketing platforms. Use this data to refine your outreach, enhancing customer retention and loyalty.

Trusted by more than 500+ companies across the globe.

WiFi Guest Portal is the Best Electronic Data Capture Software

Customers sign into your WiFi using their email

Your WiFi introduces an electronic data capture software through a guest portal for internet access. This fully customizable and branded portal effortlessly guides customers through the login process. It offers free WiFi for guests while collecting valuable data for your business – a win-win for everyone.

Customize the guest experience. Apply your logo and brand colours for a personalized brand experience

Revamp your guest WiFi into an electronic data capture software that doubles as a branded journey. Customize it with your logo, select your brand colors, and modify the portal’s appearance. This personalization transforms each user interaction, infusing it with the unique essence of your brand.

API’s, webhooks and lightning fast integrations. Create and update contacts in real time

Utilize our electronic data capture software which includes APIs, webhooks, and ultra-fast integrations, allowing instant creation and updating of contacts. These robust tools facilitate real-time synchronization, promoting efficient data management and seamless integration with your current systems.

Connect to your favorite tools

Electronic data capture to feed your marketing machine

Easily collect, measure and share your guest data

Increase Visibility

Put your business on the map by integrating with your favorite review sites. Drive customer engagement and watch your reputation grow.

More Revenue

Get more customers more often by engaging then on your WiFi. Increase customer lifetime value and keep them coming back for more.

Save Time

Save time and money by integrating with other marketing applications. Set it and forget it to create your marketing machine.


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People love us and we love them back too

“Quick and easy to install with no extra hardware required. Customer support was excellent”

Michael Q.


“Easy integration with our Mailchimp service and the volume of data we were able to collect.”

Michael S.

Group Accountant

“I really like how easy MyPlace Connect is to use and Peadar has been so helpful”

Mari I.

Office Manager

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Frequently asked questions

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MyPlace acts as an EDC component by capturing guest WiFi usage data, which can be valuable for market research and customer behavior analysis.

It collects information through WiFi logins, social logins, and custom data fields, aiding in building comprehensive customer profiles for loyalty programs.

Yes, data collected by MyPlace can be exported in formats like CSV, making it easy to analyze in other systems or integrate with existing EDC tools.

By using advanced validation techniques for email and other data points, MyPlace ensures high data accuracy, crucial for effective EDC.

Absolutely. MyPlace is designed to integrate with various EDC systems, enhancing data collection and analysis capabilities.

MyPlace adheres to data protection laws like GDPR, ensuring that all data capture processes are compliant and secure.

Yes, it can track engagement and repeat WiFi use, providing valuable insights into customer loyalty and behavior.

With its data capture capabilities, MyPlace can segment customers based on usage patterns, demographics, and other criteria for targeted marketing efforts.

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