7 must follow Twitter accounts for restaurants

Searching for inspiration, need to motivate staff or looking for a new way to market your restaurant? Twitter can help you find all the answers to your questions and give you inspiration boost when you need it. Twitter can be overwhelming and you will more than likely miss the content that could be applicable to your business however with Twitter lists you add all the people you don’t want to miss into one list so you can check back in your own time. See how you can set up a twitter lists here.

Now, on with our thoughts on must follow twitter accounts for restaurants…

Jamie Oliver

Who: Jamie Oliver is a British chef that the public have taken to their hearts.

Why: He has a great ability to communicate with the public in everyday language that resonates with potential customers

Michelin Guide

Who: Bestowers of the much sought after Michelin Stars and rosettes

Why: You may not want to be a Michelin star restaurant but knowing who the best are and what they do can only help you

Gary Vaynerchuk

Who: Entrepreneur and wine expert

Why: Wine is where most of your profit comes from right? The more you know about it the better

Niall Harbinson & Lovin Dublin

Who: Former chef and entrepreneur, turned foodwriter, photographer and more

Why: The old way is gone. If you want to know what your next generation of customers will expect and how they make decisions then Nialls “honest and colourful” thoughts will give you a great insight

Felicity Cloake

Who: Food Writer and photographer

Why: Quality food images are the best way to showcase your product and communicate with your customers. Create better images to get your product out there.

Your Competitors

Who: Any restaurant locally that competes for your customers

Why: Reading and watching your competitors promotional activity not only keeps you informed of what they are up to but is a sure fire way to inspire you into action

Your local food writers and critics

Who: Food critics and food writers for local and national publications

Why: Although they are becoming less relevant they still have a significant influence. The more you know about these guys the better prepared you will be for unexpected visits.

Must follow twitter accounts for restaurants

These are just some suggestions for you as a restaurant owner or operator to follow on Twitter and remember to create a list for them Our idea is that it gives you a condensed relevant source of inspirational content at a time that suits you

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