MyPlace Connect Smashes 1m User Barrier

Myplace connect smashes 1m user barrier

MyPlace Connect, Ireland’s largest free WiFi provider, has continued it incredible fast paced growth with the announcement that one million users have now joined MyPlace Connect to avail of free WiFi in hundreds of locations throughout the world including restaurants, cafés, pubs, hotels and shopping centres.

CEO and Founder of MyPlace Connect Peadar Gormley said that “The rate of growth in the past two years that we have experienced in terms of new users of our services has been phenomenal. The growth to one million users has been accelerated in the last number of years with the ever increasing demand for free WiFi. As MyPlace has grown into ten countries, the number of users has grown exponentially helping us smash through the one million user barrier, long before we could have envisaged it being possible.”

It was in one of these venues in Ireland, Dundrum Shopping Centre, that the one millionth user signed up to MyPlace Connect in recent weeks. To mark the significant milestone, the one millionth MyPlace Connect user Annie Thompson has been presented with a gift voucher for Dundrum Town Centre

“There is an increasing demand for hassle-free WiFi and having only announced our 300,000th user recently, we are thrilled to have now exceeded one million users. What it demonstrates to us and to the hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and sports venues around the world that use our platform, is that hassle-free WiFi is an essential part of the customer experience. The last two years have been very successful for MyPlace Connect with the expansion of MyPlace Connect into our 10th country and the roll out of our innovative platform for the accommodation industry to major global hotel chains such as Best Western, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn and Radisson Hotels. The growth trajectory for MyPlace Connect shows no signs of slowing down and the announcement that one million users have signed up to MyPlace connect demonstrates that,” said CEO Peadar Gormley.

“MyPlace Connect are very proud of our Irish roots and we have consistently focussed on innovation and growth in the Irish market. The partnership with major venues with such a large footfall as Dundrum Shopping Centre has allowed us to focus deploy our technology to one of the largest commercial spaces in Europe, which is a wonderful endorsement for our team and our technology. Everyone at MyPlace Connect is working hard to ensure that not only do we meet the demand, but that we also continue to widen our lead in the market.”

According to a face to face survey carried out last year in Ireland by MyPlace Connect, if restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, hotels and pubs want to attract customers, they have to offer free WiFi to their customers. The survey reveals that a staggering 90% of customers expect free WiFi service in these businesses. What is more, not only do they expect free WiFi, they will vote with their feet between those locations with free WiFi and those without, with 67% saying that they have chosen one of these destinations based on whether or not it offered a free WiFi service.

Peadr Gormley said, “Free WiFi has become a key ingredient for businesses in the service industry like pubs, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues or hotels. Not only does free WiFi attract and retain customers, it also allows these businesses to engage with their customers in a new way.”

Founded in 2011, MyPlace Connect has experienced phenomenal growth and has established itself as Ireland’s leading free WiFi provider. The services are now available in ten countries across three continents. The intention is to continue growing the business by expanding domestically and in the international market.

MyPlace Connect, Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider supports hundreds of venues in England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland and the United States.

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