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In today’s digital marketplace, effective customer engagement is not just beneficial; it’s essential. We’re excited to announce a powerful new integration between MyPlace and OneSignal that will revolutionize how you connect with your customers. This post will explore the benefits and capabilities of this integration, and how it can transform your marketing strategies.

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MyPlace has been a leader in providing captive portal services for WiFi networks, helping businesses personalize guest WiFi experiences and capture valuable customer data. OneSignal is renowned for its robust, multi-channel messaging services that drive customer engagement through timely and relevant communications.

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Benefits of OneSIgnal and MyPlace integration

Enhanced Data Collection: By integrating MyPlace with OneSignal, businesses can now leverage WiFi-based interactions to enrich their customer profiles. This deeper data allows for more targeted and effective communication.

Improved Engagement Strategies: With more comprehensive data from MyPlace, your OneSignal campaigns can become more personalized and impactful, ensuring that messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Simplified Workflow: This integration reduces the complexity of managing multiple platforms independently, allowing you to launch campaigns across different channels from a single interface.

Key Features of the Integration

  • Real-Time Data Syncing: Automatically sync customer data from MyPlace to OneSignal for instant use in campaigns.
  • Enhanced Segmentation: Utilize advanced segmentation capabilities to tailor your messaging based on detailed customer data.
  • Automated Messaging: Set up triggers in OneSignal to send messages based on specific customer actions detected by MyPlace.

Use Cases

  • A cafe could send a discount code via SMS to a customer who hasn’t visited in a month.
  • A retail store might push a notification about a new product launch to frequent visitors as soon as they connect to the WiFi.


Our integration with OneSignal is more than just a new feature. It’s a new way to engage with your audience, leveraging every interaction to create more meaningful connections. Stay tuned for more updates and features!


Any collected data such as email addresses, frequency of visits, and preferred products can be synced.

No, it’s designed to be user-friendly with step-by-step guides to help you through the process. It uses a simple API to connect both services together

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