Product Updates June 2022

Product Updates June 2022

Following major platform changes at Ubqiuiti, MyPlace has further enhanced its product to make the experience even better.

June has been a productive month for the MyPlace product. Our recent releases have included the following new features:

  • New account structure – account based structure for multiple UniFi network applications
  • Generate hostname – automatic hostname generation for UniFi cloud console devices to allow API access
  • Notifications – introduction of multiple notifications and alerts for network monitoring
  • SSO – Single sign on for quick and easy access
  • Multiple cloud consoles – multiple cloud consoles (UDM/Cloud key) with attached hostname per account
  • Alerts – Important news and events alert for admin dashboard
  • Multiple performance enhancements and improvements
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Future Plans

In the coming weeks we will be adding many more new features and improvements to the MyPlace service, including:

  • Pricing Restructure – Overhaul the existing pricing framework and introduce an improved value based pricing structure
  • Login Refresh – complete redesign of the login user experience with additional fields and more customization

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