Product Updates October 2022

Product Progress

The product roadmap for MyPlace stretches far into the future. At times, it feels we will never get to build all the exciting features that we want. And then there are times that we get a lot of new features released in a short period of time. These past few months have been very productive and hopefully, this will continue.

Continuing the Theme

The theme of this most recent product development phase has been based on expanding the range of data collected on the guest portal. Added to that, is the ability to customize the content of the guest portal to your liking. This allows for additional language support and custom terms and conditions. During this most recent release we have added the ability to ask additional custom questions

Grow your revenue and your audience

Build a valuable eaill list by collecting subscriber data from your guest WiFi

Additional Questions

As part of the WiFi login guest experience, you can now add up to 2 additional questions. This is useful if there is another key piece of customer data that you would like to add to collect.

Additional data options are:

  • Simple open text field – ask any question, get any answer
  • Yes/No Question – Ask any question with a simple yes or no response
  • Multiple Choice – Ask any question, with a range of predefined multiple choice answers
  • Phone Number – Ask the WiFi user to enter the phone number
  • Zip Code/Post Code – Ask the WiFi user for their zip or post code
  • Date of Birth – Ask the WiFi user to enter their date of birth

Other Product Updates

  • Preview modal for guest login experience
  • Simplified adding new UniFi network applications
  • Ability to skip sections for WiFi guest login
  • Additional descriptive headings and content

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Whats Next?

The next theme for MyPlace is to start building out more integrations. Adding integrations help clients get more value from the data collected. Bringing the data into the marketing apps, that marketers use every day is the best way to provide value

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