Quick and easy way to increase restaurant bookings

Increase Bookings in your restaurant

Most people in life prefer to take the easy option and that is especially true when it comes to searching and booking online. If you can in any way make it easy for your customers to make a booking in your restaurant then you should take the opportunity. When setting up one of our new clients recently we noticed a feature brilliant in its simplicity – a table bookings popup.

Reservations Pop Up


You may say that this is old technology and ask where we have been recently however the vast majority of restaurant websites we have came across do not have this functionality. Of those that do it is usually so detailed that users are turned off. There are two important features that made the Macs Diner Pop Up appealing and made me want to book a table. 1 – It caught our attention quickly. 2 – It looked very easy to fill out with only 3 fields.

Once complete then you are brought to a second screen where some additional details are required however you are invested at that point and feel compelled to complete the booking.

Think of your customers

What is really great about a user friendly booking app/popup is that customers can make a booking when it suits them, not just when there might be someone available to take their call. Early morning, afternoon or in the middle of the night your website will be working to increase restaurant bookings and filling your tables.

How can I do this?

Below are some examples of readily available tools you can use to do create a booking app on your restaurant page. Some of these are part of larger more integrated booking platforms and some are simple plugins that can be quickly added to your WordPress site

Increase restaurant bookings quickly and easily

This is another easy step to increase revenues in your restaurants by increasing bookings. This particular example works because it is very easy for the potential customer to engage and is inviting. A key to behaviour change is putting hot triggers in the path of motivated people and this is example illustrates it perfectly.

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