Retargeting is a must for hotel marketing teams

Retargeting can sometimes feel like a overly technical marketing term but that should not put you off what is a very powerful marketing technique for hotels. Retargeting allows you to target people who have previously visited your hotel website or expressed an interest in your products and services. There are different types of retargeting but to keep things simple we are going to focus on website retargeting.

Website Retargeting for Hotels

Website retargeting allows you to target a person who has visited your website. The potential guest will then see your customised ad the browse the internet. You can control the timing around this ad delivery to encourage potential guests to return and make a booking. It is particularly useful for reconnecting with guests who may have started the reservation process but did not complete it for one reason or another.

Context is Important

The context in which they visit your site is important as it will make for a much more efficient campaign. Again, to keep things simple we can assume there are two main categories of guests. Guests who are considering booking a room or event at your hotel and guests who have already stayed in your hotel. Two different groups of guests and both need to be targeting differently.

Timing is Important

Consider both groups as mentioned above – potential bookings and guests who have already stayed with you. Both groups will have a very different mindset and should be targeted accordingly. Potential bookings should be targeted quickly and frequently in the time after they have engaged. A well timed ad with an incentive to book direct may swing the booking decision. For past guests a slow release campaign starting 3 or 6 months later with a low frequency will keep you top of mind should they want to return.

Segmenting for Retargeting Hotel Marketing

In order to target effectively, you will need to segment the groups accordingly. The first group can be identified as having visited a booking page, or part completed a booking on your website. The second group can be identified by a booking success page so you know they have booked and will be coming. Another way to identify guests who have stayed is by using your hotel WiFi to redirect all your guests to your website or a specific landing page.

Retargeting gives you an edge

This is an important tool to have in your digital marketing toolbox. It is something you can set and forget, or it is something you can actively manage and tweak. One thing for sure is that is will drive results. Retargeting is one of the most useful marketing technologies to surface in recent years, and it has a lot of potential for the hotel industry.

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