UniFi Controller Hosting

UniFi Controller Hosting


We take care of the UniFi Controller Hosting so you don't have to. Making sure everything runs as it should


High Performance hosted environments at an affordable price. Small monthly amounts for your peace of mind


We take care of everything from keeping your controller up to date and making sure everything is backed up and secure

You will get High Performance with SSL Certs Including.
UniFi Controllers hosted in the Cloud.



Small monthly payment for high performance and secure environment for your controller


Security first design principles ensure that your servers are secure and regularly updated at all times

Easy Setup

Easy set up including SSL configuration. Set up in minutes for your very own hosted UniFi controller


Automated nightly backups to a secure storage location for your peace of mind

Free SSL

Service includes a free SSL cert that is regularly maintained and automatically updated

Migration Support

Free Migration Support when you need to get your existing sites move across.


During order proccess you can choose where you want to host your UniFi Controller — on US or EU servers.
EU hosting may be required for GDPR compliance


Max 500 Devices
$ 49 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 500 Devices
  • Free SSL
  • VPS Hosting


Max 1000 Devices
$ 99 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 1000 Devices
  • Free SSL
  • VPS Hosting


Max 2000 Devices
$ 199 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 2000 Devices
  • Free SSL
  • VPS Hosting

We build products to complement the UniFi Platform

MyPlace Connect have been working with Ubiquiti UniFi Products for many years and have a unique insight and understanding of the ecosystem. Our products and services complement the UniFi platform so that IT providers and venue owners can get that extra value that can very often make the difference.


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Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Hosting Explained

When you set up a UniFi network you will need a way to manage the network. To be valuable, you should be able to manage the UniFi controller remotely. To manage remotely you will need to have your UniFi controller hosted somewhere.

There are a few options when it comes to UniFi Controller Hosting. You can run the controller on an on-premise server and access remotely or you can use a UniFi cloud key, either standalone or integrated into the UniFi equipment.

If you run multiple sites however it is much better to run your UniFi controller in the cloud, where it always be available. UniFi Controller hosting in the cloud can be a little tricky to setup for people who are not server specialists. Now you don’t have to worry about it – It’s easy with MyPlace Connect

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