WiFi intelligence reveals unique social trends

Men, ever wonder why there’s never any women in the bar? Ladies, do you ever feel like eligible bachelors are an endangered species? Well, according to our most recent Wi-Fi analytics research, single men and women are in fact missing each other because of their socialising habits.

Data gathered by the MyPlace Connect team shows that men and women frequent bars throughout Ireland at almost exactly the opposite times of day. “This makes sense and is useful information for singletons looking to improve their chances of meeting their match. They can now plan their pub visit, in line with WiFi intelligence, to coincide with when the maximum number of their preferred gender are expected to be out too” says Peadar Gormley, founder and CEO of MyPlace Connect.

We have produced a visual chart showing the Male vs Female usage of our free WiFi service that is now used by a staggering 250,000 users in WiFi hotspots all over Ireland. It illustrates the peak times when men are out socializing in bars in comparison to the habits of women. Amazingly in the 21st century, men and women only share one night in the entire week, Saturday, when both sexes socialize at the same time, in equal numbers. No wonder there are so many disgruntled singletons wondering if they have simply set the bar too high. The simple explanation is that they are swimming in the same sea at the wrong time.

Interestingly for women, the data shows there are actually more men in pubs than women but unfortunately just not at the same time. The solution is, stay positive and realise there are still plenty of fish in the sea; its just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

With revelations like this, there is no wonder that singletons have turned elsewhere in search of their dream partner. But the fact is, singletons are still out there. This is based on the growing number of online dating subscriptions. Thousands of Irish men and women use internet dating sites every single day in Ireland or 400,000 singles visit these sites every month. This figure is growing as singles try to maximize their exposure to the dating pool.

Timing is everything. If men want to maximize their chances of meeting the right woman they should take their lead from the movie Moneyball and play the numbers for the highest strike rate. The social WiFi research shows that women regularly spend more time in pubs in the earlier part of the day and consistently choose Thursday nights to go out. The largest numbers of men, on the other hand, tend to stay in on Thursday evening but socialize on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. While both sexes share Saturday as a popular night out, the lack of ritual social contact means that singletons face heavy pressure to succeed and if they don’t succeed to find the person they are looking for, the lack of opportunity to try again can often be disheartening.

Ladies how many times have you thought, “I just can’t be bothered? ”; never again will you have to pretend to yourself that your main reason for spending 3 hours of hair straightening, eyelash curling, fake tanning and smoky eye applying is really just a chance to catch up with the girls. Rest assured, the odds are now in your favour and those Spandex you’ve been tugging at were not a waste of energy getting on.

As for men, you may have merely showered and shaved but it doesn’t matter.  The disappointment of walking home alone yet again is of course discouraging.

Finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right can be daunting but our new Wi-Fi marketing research will act as encouragement for singletons. One should no longer feel hopeless about successfully finding a potential match.  By simply changing the night you go out on, means the likelihood of at least meeting more prospective singletons will increase and therefore you can be motivated by the fact that the odds have improved in your favour.

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