300,000 users signup for free WiFi with MyPlace Connect

300,000 users have joined MyPlace Connect, to avail of free WiFi in restaurants, cafés, pubs, hotels and shopping malls throughout Ireland. The Irish WiFi network operator, MyPlace Connect has experienced exponential growth, having been accessed over 1,000,000 times since it was founded less than two years ago.

Adrian O'Connor, Filippa Thornander and Peadar Gormley
Adrian O’Connor, Filippa Thornander and Peadar Gormley

Since its creation MyPlace Connect has achieved remarkable growth, exceeding its own targets by almost 200% according to founder Peadar Gormley. Moreover since Christmas growth in the number of new users of the free WiFi service has reached such an incredible speed that it is amounting to 650 new users per day. “We are absolutely delighted and with the growth in users, clearly we are doing something right” says Gormley.

To mark this milestone, Adrian O’Connor the Commercial Director of MyPlace Connect awarded a tablet computer to its 300,000th customer on behalf of MyPlace Connect. The surprised winner Filippa Thornander was awarded the prize while dining in San Lorenzo’s restaurant in Dublin.

According to Gormley “the free WiFi from MyPlace Connect is receiving very positive feedback from our users and the scale of the growth indicates that people are voting with their smartphone, MacBook, laptop and tablet, and signing up for our easy to use WiFi service”.

The MyPlace Connect WiFi network is unique in that to date it has been solely funded by advertising revenue with many of Ireland’s best known brands already using the platform. The Free WiFi service is growing at an incredible speed and is available in over 100 locations in Dublin alone, as well as restaurants, pubs, cafés, hotels and shopping malls across the country, meaning it is constantly attracting a varied range of consumers. Based on the exponential growth rate experienced in the last six months, MyPlace Connect is set to continue to grow.

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