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Introduction to Cisco Meraki Splash Page

Navigating digital tools can be overwhelming, but imagine a simple solution that leads users directly to your website or network. Enter the Cisco Meraki Splash Page: an effective tool designed to manage user access and provide valuable insights into visitor behavior.

This immersive blog post will guide you through its key features, customization options, and how leveraging such a resource can improve your business operations. Ready for a less complicated approach? Let’s dive in!

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Key Features of Cisco Meraki Splash Page

Cisco Meraki Splash Page offers several key features that make it a powerful tool for network access control and customization. These features include advanced splash settings, captive portal API integration, and extensive customization options.

Network Access Control

Cisco Meraki Splash Page includes an essential feature named Network Access Control (NAC). This innovation ensures that all clients connecting to the network have valid antivirus software installed, a critical aspect of maintaining secure and robust systems.

Its primary aim is to protect the integrity of your network by mitigating potential threats from devices without adequate security measures. It achieves this feat by only allowing those with approved antivirus software access to the online space provided.

Consequently, NAC fosters a safe environment for both data storage and transmission across Cisco’s Meraki ecosystem.

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Advanced Splash Settings

Enabling advanced splash settings on your Cisco Meraki Splash Page adds an extra layer of security and customization to your network. These features, such as Captive Portal Strength and Controller Disconnection Behavior, allow for a more controlled internet connection experience.

For example, the Captive Portal Strength can be set to block all access until a user signs in completely, providing a heightened degree of security. Walled Garden configuration is another superior setting that permits pre-authenticated users certain limited access even before sign-on completion—useful for displaying terms and conditions or privacy statements from corporate websites without compromising network safety.

Moreover, these extended functionalities offer you choices between enabling non-HTTP traffic prior to sign-on or requiring thorough authentication before granting any level of access. Keeping track of splash page behavior gets simpler with custom URL redirection after successful login if you’ve chosen not to use the provided Meraki hosted pages—a handy option for redirecting clients to company blogs or other relevant resources post-login.

Balancing strict security while delivering an uncompromised user-friendly experience are just some benefits packed into Advanced Splash Settings of Cisco’s Meraki software solution.

Key Takeaways

  • Cisco Meraki Splash Page is a powerful tool that provides network access control and valuable insights into visitor behavior.
  • Key features of Cisco Meraki Splash Page include advanced splash settings, captive portal API integration, and extensive customization options.
  • The Captive Portal API allows for complete control over splash page content and authentication, enabling users to create a fully customized branding experience

Captive Portal API

The Captive Portal API represents a critical element in the Cisco Meraki Splash Page. This robust interface offers complete control over splash page content and authentication, making it an essential tool for customizing user experiences.

Offering flexibility and scalability, the Captive Portal API can be configured through the Meraki Dashboard to accommodate both MR and MX devices with their unique network access settings. It supports various authentication methods including click-through, SMS Authentication, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Authentication, or even Systems Manager Sentry Enrollment.

One of its compelling features is that it allows administrators to configure custom splash URLs for redirection when not using Meraki hosted pages. With such comprehensive capabilities at hand, users are empowered to create a fully customized branding experience ensuring seamless integration into their existing network infrastructure.

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Customization Options

Cisco Meraki splash pages offer a range of customization options, allowing businesses to create a unique and branded experience for their users. With these customization options, administrators can tailor the splash page content to fit their corporate identity.

This includes displaying the company logo, choosing a color scheme that aligns with the brand, and adding terms of service or acceptable user agreements. These customizable elements help create a cohesive and professional look that reflects the organization’s image.

In addition to branding customization, Cisco Meraki splash pages also provide flexibility in terms of language and themes. Administrators can select from fluid, classic, or plain themes depending on their preference or specific requirements.

They can also choose the desired language for the splash page to cater to a diverse set of users. This level of personalization ensures that businesses can deliver a seamless login experience while maintaining consistent branding across their network access points.

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Benefits of Using Cisco Meraki Splash Page

Using the Cisco Meraki Splash Page offers a user-friendly tool for network access control, seamless integration with Meraki devices, and advanced location analytics. Discover how this powerful solution enhances your wireless experience.

User-Friendly Tool

The Cisco Meraki Splash Page is an incredibly user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of setting up and managing network access control. With its intuitive interface, administrators can easily configure and customize splash pages to align with their brand identity.

The platform offers a variety of authentication options including click-through, sponsored guest login, and sign-on with various methods such as SMS or Facebook login. Furthermore, the system provides comprehensive analytics on user engagement and behavior, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their customer base.

Overall, the Cisco Meraki Splash Page ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for both administrators and users alike.

Perfect Integration

Cisco Meraki Splash Page offers perfect integration with various network devices and systems, making it a seamless solution for businesses. With support for both Meraki MR and MX devices, administrators can easily enable splash pages in the access control settings.

Whether hosted by Meraki or an external server, the splash page authentication methods can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, advanced location analytics allow businesses to gain valuable insights into user behavior and proximity marketing opportunities.

The ability to integrate with other systems like MV cameras and threshold notifications enhances the overall functionality of Cisco Meraki Splash Page, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing user experience and maximizing business potential.

Advanced Location Analytics

Meraki’s advanced location analytics feature provides valuable insights into user behavior within your network. By leveraging Meraki MR access points and MV cameras, you can gather data on visitor density, dwell time, and movement patterns in specific areas.

This information helps organizations optimize their physical spaces for better customer experiences, increase foot traffic to retail outlets or shopping centers, and enhance security measures at outdoor events such as concerts or exhibitions.

With proximity marketing capabilities, businesses can also deliver targeted digital content to smartphone users based on their physical proximity. The combination of Meraki’s technology and powerful analytics empowers businesses with actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.


In conclusion, the Cisco Meraki Splash Page offers a range of powerful features and customization options that enhance network access control and provide a seamless user experience. With its advanced splash settings, captive portal API, and customizable branding options, businesses can create an engaging and secure splash page tailored to their specific needs.

By utilizing the benefits of Cisco Meraki’s splash page functionality, organizations can ensure seamless connectivity while maintaining network security and enhancing user engagement.

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A Cisco Meraki Splash Page refers to the captive portal page that users see when connecting to a Wi-Fi network that uses Cisco Meraki access points. It typically requires users to provide some form of authentication or agree to terms and conditions before accessing the internet.

Cisco Meraki provides easy-to-use tools for customizing your splash page. You can add your company’s logo, choose different themes and colors, customize text and headings, and even include promotional messages or advertisements.

Yes, you have the option to collect user data through your splash page using various methods such as email capture forms or social media login integration. This allows you to gather valuable insights about your customers and engage with them for marketing purposes. MyPlace has a captive portal service that can help you capture guest data

Yes, Cisco Meraki supports integration with many popular third-party applications such as CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, loyalty programs, and more. This enables you to streamline your customer data collection process and enhance the overall user experience on your splash page.

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