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Welcome to MyPlace Connect’s resource hub, where we provide in-depth, practical guides on a wide range of topics related to WiFi hotspot technology and network management. Today, we’ll dive into the subject of Cisco Meraki’s splash pages – specifically, how to disable the login feature on these pages. A splash page is a critical tool for businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector like restaurants, bars, and hotels, as it offers a platform for guest authentication and data capture.

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Key Takeaways

  • Disabling the login on a Meraki splash page speeds up WiFi access. This requires going to the ‘Wireless’ tab in the Meraki dashboard, selecting ‘Access Control’ for the desired SSID, and choosing ‘None (direct access)’ under ‘Splash Page’.
  • The decision to disable login affects processes like user authentication and data capture, important for WiFi marketing and email capture. Consideration is essential.
  • While disabling login can enhance short-term user access, it may impact long-term WiFi marketing and data collection. Businesses must consider their unique needs.

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Reasons to Disable Splash Page Login on Meraki

The decision to disable the splash page login on Meraki typically stems from a desire to expedite user access to your WiFi network. However, when making this decision, it’s crucial to consider its effect on your WiFi marketing and email capture initiatives, particularly if you use solutions like MailChimp that integrate with your WiFi system.

Step-by-Step Guide to Disabling Splash Page Login on Meraki

To disable the splash page login on Meraki, you first need to access your Meraki dashboard. Choose the ‘Wireless’ tab and then select ‘Access Control’ for the SSID you intend to modify. In the ‘Splash Page’ section, select ‘None (direct access)’ from the dropdown menu. This action will disable the login for the splash page. Ensure you save your changes before exiting.

Considerations When Disabling Login on Meraki

Before you decide to disable the splash page login, remember that every business has unique needs. The splash page login is a vital part of the data collection process, especially for WiFi marketing solutions. If you want to explore the potential of WiFi marketing for your business, check out our WiFi hotspot guide.

Disabling the splash page login can also affect your email capture efforts. This is a valuable tool for businesses to gather customer data. We discuss the significance of this data capture process in detail in our guide on capturing email on WiFi for restaurants, bars, and hotels.


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The decision to disable the splash page login on Meraki should be made with careful consideration. While it may simplify access for users in the short term, it could impact your WiFi marketing and data collection strategies in the long run. To explore how MyPlace Connect can aid your business, visit our pricing page or head over to our learn section for more guides.

To stay updated with our latest content, check out our blog or visit our dedicated Meraki section for more about Cisco Meraki products.

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