How to Increase TripAdvisor Reviews by 400%

TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi Integration

TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi integration uses your venues WiFi service to capture guest data and automatically send TripAdvisor review requests after they have checked out.

TripAdvisor is becoming increasingly important for the hospitality sector and that influence is likely to get stronger in the coming years. Hospitality booking decisions are very strongly linked to a venues performance on TripAdvisor versus its direct competitors. This is much too important to leave to chance and the best bras, restaurants and hotels in the world know this, which is why they take a proactive approach.

TripAdvisor have a feature called Review Express that lets hospitality venues send a review request to their guests after their stay. This simple act of asking a guest to review their stay results in an average 400% increase in review volumes. As we have highlighted before your hotels ranking on TripAdvisor depends on quantity, quality and recency of reviews.

Well now you don’t even have to think about it. MyPlace Connect have developed a TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi integration so that it all happens in the background –  more reviews, less effort. If you would like to learn more about this then click here

TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi Request

Get the basics right first

Before we start automating reviews using MyPlace TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi integration, it is important that first and foremost you have all the basic elements in place to provide the basis for a good review. This is not the place to get into detail about food quality and excellent service, but let it be clear that having a good product is the first and most important step to getting good online reviews

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TripAdvisor Review Express Account

Essentially you only need two things to send a request to your customer asking them to review you on TripAdvisor.The first one of these is getting your TripAdvisor Review Express account activated. Getting your Review Express account set up is pretty easy. When you are logged into your venues TripAdvisor account you should see multiple links asking you to set up a TripAdvisor Review Express account.

Direct Link to Guests

The most critical element of increasing TripAdvisor Reviews for your venue is collecting your customers email address. Paper feedback forms will not cut it here unfortunately. You will need to find other sources to capture these emails. Examples inlcude booking and reservation systems, as well as competitions. However one of the most effective ways to capture customer email is to use your venues free WiFi service. 


Automate for an easy life

Once you have your regular source of customer email data, and you have your TripAdvisor Review Express Account set up then you simply need to upload your emails. This will then send out a request for the guests to leave a review. To make it easier again, you should try and automate the process to take any manual element out of the equation. A WiFi Marketing service like MyPlace can connect directly to your TripAdvisor Account and automatically upload customer emails. 

Boost your Ranking

If you want to increase your ranking by 400% then you need to start using that valuable customer data. If you don’t have any customer data then it is time you started building your database. A little effort now, and a bit of smart thinking can set your restaurant, bar or hotel up for many years of automated positive marketing

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