Ways to attract more party bookings into your restaurant

For the restaurant business, chasing potential customers is like chasing rabbits – there are so many of them out there that you think it is easy until the last minute when they all scatter and escape. To survive and thrive you need lots of rabbits coming through your door on a regular basis to keep your business moving in the right direction. To boost your key metrics you need larger groups who stay longer, spend more and require less attention.

Attract the right customers

Parties are the source of this efficient revenue that you need. Birthday parties, retirement parties, leaving parties, family events, religious events and more will bring in small to mid-size groups into your restaurant.  The challenging part is getting them to book into your restaurant but once you get this right it will work seamlessly for you for the long term.

Target customers with pinpoint accuracy

Super targeted efficient advertising via Google AdWords and Facebook are the key tools you need to start bringing these big spending groups to your door. By using razor focused advertising to be in front of your potential party planner when they are making decisions you can get that valuable business.

Facebook advertising to target by age

One of the most attractive features that Facebook offers is that it can identify the birthday of each user and there are several ways that you can utilise this. Firstly if you would like to attract 30th birthday parties into your restaurant then simply create a Facebook ad with your 30th birthday offering. Your offering could be on your own website or on your Facebook page and might for example include a free bottle of champagne if you book for 10 guests or more. Then apply your super targeting  – select that your ad is only shown to 29 year olds in your city or area. Facebook birthday targeting will also allow you to get similar razor targeting.

Google AdWords to target by event

Google AdWords gives you more scope to target specific events and you can buy advertising on those event keywords that direct the user to your specific offer page. Sticking with our 30th birthday idea you might buy keywords like “30th birthday party venue” or “30th birthday party ideas”. Pick whatever event makes a difference to your week and target it aggressively but efficiently.

Measure your return on investment

To get the real benefit from your efforts you need to measure all of your advertising spend so you can refine your model. Ideally you will be able to measure what campaigns are actually delivering business for you. Review your activity weekly and cut out the campaigns that are not delivering and optimise those that are. Also change you offerings regularly and measure the results of those changes. After 2-3 months you will have your machine working and bringing steady business through your door.

Attract more party bookings into your restaurant

This approach is an area with huge potential and depends on how much time you want to give it. We have only scratched the surface and we may revisit it at another time to explore further. In the meantime it is very easy to get started with one campaign and hopefully see immediate results.

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