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Cambium Captive Portal Integration

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing update that’s set to supercharge your WiFi management experience. If you’re familiar with Cambium Networks, you already know they’re a big deal in the world of scalable, reliable WiFi solutions. Now, imagine combining that powerhouse with MyPlace’s cutting-edge captive portal service. The result? A match made in WiFi heaven.

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About Cambium

Cambium Networks is a global leader in wireless networking solutions, renowned for its robust, scalable, and reliable WiFi technologies. Catering to a diverse range of industries, from hospitality to education, Cambium offers a suite of products that make network management a breeze. Their solutions are designed for high performance, security, and ease of use, making them a go-to choice for organizations aiming for top-notch connectivity.

Cambium Captive Portal Service

Professional captive portal service for Cambium networks.
Capture guest email and more

About MyPlace

MyPlace is a leading captive portal service designed to transform the way businesses manage their WiFi networks. We specialize in capturing valuable customer data while providing a seamless, branded user experience. Integrated with major network providers like UniFi, Cisco Meraki, Ruckus and now Cambium, MyPlace offers businesses a powerful tool for data analytics, customer engagement, and network security

Seamless Integration

Crafted with the Cambium API, our latest integration offers a frictionless experience. Forget extra hardware or on-site visits; setting up is quick and easy. With just the Cambium CnMaestro cloud controller, you’re all set. Launch your personalized Cambium portal in minutes by simply using your CnMaestro X account and its corresponding API details.

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What does a custom Cambium portal offer?

A tailor-made Cambium captive portal empowers you to dictate every aspect of the guest journey. From endlessly customizable portal interfaces to boundless data capture options, your imagination is the limit. One of the main benefits is the ability to capture email on Cambium. Plus, integrate effortlessly with a variety of marketing and identity platforms for peak performance. This offering transcends the basic guest access functionalities found in the default CnMaestro portal. 

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What's in the MyPlace Cambium Captive Portal Package?

From capturing guest emails to syncing with Mailchimp and other CRM/marketing platforms, it’s all there. Post-visit, you can prompt guests for reviews to be posted on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor. Additionally, you’ll gain deep insights into visitor behavior, including frequency of visits and geographic segmentation. In essence, MyPlace transforms your Cambium WiFi network into a marketing machine

The Future is Now: Elevate Your WiFi Game with MyPlace and Cambium

In a nutshell, the MyPlace and Cambium Networks integration is more than just a technical update; it’s a paradigm shift in how you can manage, secure, and leverage your WiFi network. From capturing invaluable customer data to offering a personalized guest experience, this integration is your one-stop solution for all things WiFi. With the seamless setup process, you can launch your custom Cambium portal in minutes and start turning your WiFi into a marketing powerhouse. So why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Join us in this exciting new chapter and let’s redefine what WiFi can do for your business.

To learn more about how MyPlace Connect can help your business, please visit our product page and resource section. Check out our pricing page and get in touch if you have any questions

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