Support added for UniFi OS on Dream Machine and Cloud Key

The Ubiquiti UniFi platform is constantly evolving and the recent move towards a more centralized cloud service is a major development. Also known as UniFI OS, the new platform works with the next generation Ubiquiti device range. The new Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro, also known as the the UDM and UDM Pro are the focal point for this new direction. The cloud key gen 2 and cloud key plus gen 2 are also designed with this new cloud platform in mind

UniFi OS Guest Portal

The full feature set and benefits of the UniFi cloud platform are stories for another day as in this piece we are just touching on how this impacts the UniFi guest portal. Essentially there is no major change to how the guest portal works but there are additional config requirements that were required and MyPlace have added these requirements to the product. 

Professional UniFi Guest Portal

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UniFi OS changes

The first change that was made was that the UDM and cloud keys is that they are accessed via port 443, as opposed to port 8443. This is important when putting a port forward in place. The second major difference is that the UniFi API, that MyPlace uses to authenticate guests must be setup with access using a local account, as opposed to the UniFi cloud account. This ensures that there is continuous unrestricted API access to the network

Product Updates

This does not have any impact on the MyPlace WiFi marketing product however it is an indication of the continuous alignment with the Ubiquiti platform. MyPlace will continue to develop our core product offering and to ensure that integration with Ubiquiti UniFi is as seamless as possible. All the best features including mailchimp integration and net promoter score data will be available when using UniFi OS devices

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