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Setting Up WiFi Email Capture in ActiveCampaign

Hey ActiveCampaign users! If you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable WiFi data capture service to complement your marketing automation, your search ends today. We’re pumped to introduce MyPlace’s new integration with ActiveCampaign, a match made in marketing heaven. Ready to level up your data game? Let’s get into it!

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Why MyPlace?

You love ActiveCampaign for its automation, segmentation, and analytics. But what about enhancing that with high-quality WiFi data capture? Enter MyPlace.

📌 Key Features of MyPlace:

  • Seamless Data Capture: Auto-collect valuable data from guest WiFi users.
  • Integration with Major WiFi Providers: UniFi, Cisco Meraki, Cambium, Ruckus—you name it.
  • Compliance Ready: GDPR and other privacy laws? We’ve got them covered.

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What This Integration Brings to Your Table

Effortless Data Sync

Your MyPlace WiFi portals can now feed data straight into your ActiveCampaign lists. No more CSV exports or manual entry!

Advanced Automation Opportunities

Leverage guest WiFi data in ActiveCampaign to create even more targeted automations. Imagine sending a personalized follow-up email based on a guest’s WiFi login location.

ROI Like Never Before

Richer data sets mean smarter marketing decisions. Use WiFi-captured data to segment your ActiveCampaign lists and craft campaigns that convert like crazy.

How to Capture Emails via WiFi with ActiveCampaign Integration

Unlocking the potential of your guest WiFi has never been easier thanks to our new integration with ActiveCampaign. With a simple setup process, MyPlace’s captive WiFi portals can automatically funnel guest email addresses directly into your ActiveCampaign lists. This seamless data transfer allows you to engage with your guests more effectively, utilizing ActiveCampaign’s robust automation features to send targeted campaigns. The end result? More engagement, more conversions, and a more robust marketing strategy.

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Setting Up WiFi Email Capture in ActiveCampaign

Getting your WiFi data into ActiveCampaign is a straightforward affair. First, grab your ActiveCampaign API key from the platform’s settings. Then, head over to MyPlace and navigate to the integrations section. Input your API key, and voila! Your MyPlace WiFi portal will now automatically sync captured email addresses and other data points directly to your ActiveCampaign lists. Setting this up means you can take immediate advantage of ActiveCampaign’s powerful automation features, fueled by fresh, real-time data.


As an ActiveCampaign user, adding MyPlace into your marketing stack is the power move you didn’t know you needed. Our seamless integration ensures that you’ll have a wealth of new data points to play with, making your marketing game stronger than ever.

Don’t miss out. Activate the MyPlace + ActiveCampaign integration now and watch your marketing—and your profits—soar!

To learn more about how MyPlace Connect can help your business, please visit our product page and resource section. Check out our pricing page and get in touch if you have any questions


To link your ActiveCampaign account, you’ll need to generate an API key from your ActiveCampaign settings. Once you have the key, go to the integrations section in MyPlace and enter it there. Your accounts will be linked, enabling seamless data transfer.

You can capture a wide range of data, such as email addresses, location data, and visit frequency, through your MyPlace WiFi portal. This data will automatically be synced to your designated ActiveCampaign lists.

Absolutely. MyPlace is designed to be compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR. The data transfer between MyPlace and ActiveCampaign is secure, ensuring that your customer data is handled safely.

Yes, you can! Once your data is in ActiveCampaign, you can use its powerful automation tools to set up targeted email or SMS campaigns. This allows you to engage your guests based on real-time, actionable data.

Yes, you can. MyPlace captures various data points from guest WiFi logins, which can be synced to ActiveCampaign. Within ActiveCampaign, you can run analytics on this data to gain insights into guest behavior, frequency of visits, and other valuable metrics. This enables you to make data-driven decisions for your marketing strategies.

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