Airship UniFi Integration

Capture valuable guest data from your UniFi network and integrate directly with Airship.
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unifi airship integration

Ubiquiti UniFi Airship Integration: Streamlined Customer Engagement Experience

Combine the power of UniFi’s Guest Portal with Airship’s customer engagement tools for a seamless experience. Improve hospitality marketing and loyalty by leveraging guest data, personalizing communication, and automating marketing campaigns. Elevate your customer relationships and drive revenue growth with this powerful integration. Airship UniFi integration to make your data work harder

UniFi Airship Integration Benefits

Data Enrichment

Enhance Airship's customer profiles using UniFi Guest Portal's valuable user data.

Email List

Connect your UniFi network with Airship using MyPlace to build a valuable email list

PoP Data

Get high accuracy proof of presence (PoP) data from your UniFi WiFi to Airship

Airship UniFi Integration Features


Capture guest email on UniFi with MyPlace captive portal service and sync to Airship in real time

PoP Data

Accurate proof of presence data for all guests for loyalty and analytics


Capture phone numbers on UniFi using MyPlace guest portal and send to Airship for SMS targeting


Data from UniFi with MyPlace allows you create value adding automations for increased engagements


Enhanced location data from UniFi networks allows for greater segmentation on Airship campiagns

Customer Journey

Set up customer journeys based on presence data returned by UniFi guest portal integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

The integration uses MyPlace Connect to capture guest data from your UniFi Guest Portal and sync it with Airship’s CRM, enabling personalized marketing campaigns and targeted communication.

To set up the integration, you’ll need to connect your UniFi Guest Portal to Airship using MyPlace Connect. The first step is to set it up on UniFi and you can get started here

Yes, the integration works with both UniFi Cloud Key and UniFi Dream Machine, as well as self-hosted UniFi controllers and the UniFi Cloud Console.

You can capture guest data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and proof of presence (PoP) data from the UniFi Guest Portal using MyPlace Connect.

Yes, you can use the guest data collected through the UniFi Guest Portal and MyPlace Connect to create personalized email and SMS campaigns in Airship.

Yes, the integration is compliant with all major data legislations, including GDPR. MyPlace Connect ensures data privacy and protection, and you can customize the terms and conditions as needed.

Yes, you can sync the UniFi Guest Portal user data with Airship’s loyalty program management tools to create tailored rewards and incentives based on guest preferences and behaviour.

The integration process is quick and easy. Once you have the necessary account access and follow the setup instructions, you can have the integration up and running in a matter of minutes.

No extensive technical expertise is required to set up the integration. MyPlace Connect provides easy-to-follow instructions and a user-friendly interface. If you need any assistance during the setup process, the MyPlace Connect support team is available to help.

The integration is designed to be user-friendly and low-maintenance. Once set up, there should be no additional maintenance or changes required

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