Product Updates

Product Updates January 2023

MyPlace Connect’s latest update brings new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to enhance your experience. Our aim is to always improve the platform and provide top-notch user experience. Let’s explore the details!

Guest Access Limiting

The most important feature we released this month was the ability to limit guest access to WiFi. Over recent months it became clear that unlimited access was an issue for some customers. Coffee shops in student areas for example want to avoid customers staying at the same table for hours over one coffee.

Now we have introduced time limits for WiFi access to you can restrict how long a guest can spend on your WiFi in a given period. For example you could give them 1 hour access every day.

In addition to that important feature we have also introduced download and upload rate limiting. This helps to preserve bandwidth for all users and not allow one user consume all available bandwidth

myplace product updates january 2023

Other Updates

There were many small enhancements and bug fixes applied during January. In addition to those improvements, our development team also delivered:

  • Added Facebook login to Android version 12
  • Enhanced front end monitoring program introduced
  • Updated UniFi API library component 
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements


Whats next?

Next up is adding more integrations and hopefully an API. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!

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