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Its been a busy few months

It has been a busy summer at MyPlace Connect where we have been continuously improving the MyPlace WiFi marketing service. Most of our effort has been focused on improving our integration with UniFi and expanding the functionality of the client dashboard. We continue to sign up many new customers who want to capture email on UniFi networks. You can read a little more about what we have been up to in the paragraphs below

Before we go any further, if you are considering getting more from your WiFi and would like to see what MyPlace Connect can do for you then please get in touch

Software makes the world small

It is really exciting getting new clients from different parts of the world. These past few months have seen customers from Norway, Iraq, South Africa, Dubai and Singapore among many others. Most of our new customers however are based in the USA where Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi equipment continues to perform very well indeed. Sometimes clients don’t have any WiFi equipment and we guide them to a UniFi distributor, and sometimes they already have UniFi installed and are looking for a UniFi Hotspot Service to start building a customer database.

Product - Always Moving Forward

We have been quietly developing the core MyPlace Connect WiFi Hotspot and Marketing product these past few months. There have been so many changes, that we cannot list them all in this post. Instead we will briefly summarize the main elements below.

Device Status

We have introduced a new tab in the dashboard where the UniFi access points are displayed with network details. Traffic light status indicators allow non technical users who don’t have access to the UniFi controller see if an access point is up or down

MyPlace unifi device status
Area Tagging and User Segmentation

Ability to tag an access point so that any users who are active in the vicinity of that access point will be tagged in the database. This is useful for hotels and other large sites where they have different user groups that need to be classified differently for marketing. Think hotel spa users vs hotel business center users

Some updates
Guest Control Visibility

We have introduced a new tab into the dashboard called Guest Control which replicates most of the functionality of the guest control tab in the UniFi controller. Having this level of visibility makes it much easier to troubleshoot potential issues and to make sure that all the guest portal settings have been properly applied. UniFi pre-authorization whitelist is linked directly to the UniFi controller and can be updated with the correct MyPlace settings at any time

Guest policy unifi myplace

Much More to Come

Many of the features released recently have been to help support and troubleshoot issues when setting up UniFi guest portals for customers. We have one more significant feature coming in this area and then our focus will switch back to sales and marketing tools to help venues grow their business. There are some really exciting product developments coming so don’t forget to check back. Even better, we can deliver our company news straight to your inbox – all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter below.

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