UniFi Hotspot Service

UniFi Hotspot Service Product Release

MyPlace released a UniFi Hotspot Service earlier this year and it continues to get better as each new feature is added. We developed a custom external portal server for UniFi, that uses the UniFi API to communicate with the UniFi controller and control the behavior of the captive portal. The captive portal is where the all important interaction with the WiFi user happens, and we developed and host this part of the experience, and the UniFi controller sends users to our service for authentication. That is only the first part, and thereafter there are many features that we have built that create value for both the venue and the WiFi user

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UniFi Hotspot Service Email Capture

Perhaps the most fundamental and value adding feature is the ability to capture customers email so that venues can keep in touch their customers. It is getting more and more difficult to reach customers in a increasingly fragmented social media environment, so having a direct contact with customers is ever more important

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UniFi Hotspot Service Social login

Quick and easy sign up with social media accounts while still capturing email and bringing social wifi to life. This feature speeds up the login process for many users and enables instant verification plus additional demographic information. This feature makes the UniFi Hotspot Service easier to use

Loyalty stats

Loyalty Stats

Visit Frequency data so you can identify and reward your best customers. Your best customers deserve the best treatment and with this feature you can keep your best customers happier for longer

Last visit

Last Visit Date

Date of your customers last visit or interaction with your venue. Target lapsed customers with enticing offers and bring them back for more



Customize the user experience with your brand colours and logo. Provides credibility and trust for your customers when they sign up to the WiFi via the UniFi Hotspot Service

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TripAdvisor Review Express Integration

Increase your business ranking on TripAdvisor by generating automatic reviews with your customer data. Effortless way to get a higher ranking on TripAdvisor

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Micro Targeting or Presence Analytics

Segment users by location in larger WiFi deployments or multi brand networks. Additional data can really help marketing teams deliver targeted campaigns

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Event Tracking

Create unique WiFi signals for events and segment customer data by event. Provides context for marketing campaigns and a higher return on investment

Card identity

Device Recognition

Customers only register once with automatic connection on each subsequent visit. Gives a much better experience for customers, while venues still get generate valuable visitor data


Data regulation

Data Regulation Compliance

Conforms to highest standard of global data regulation including GDPR. Peace of mind for your marketing teams

Made for UniFi

The MyPlace UniFi hotspot service is built for Ubiquiti UniFi meaning that it will work perfectly with any well maintained UniFi network. Unique attributes include:

  • Discovery – Retrieve and list sites and SSID’s from connected controllers for automatic venue setup
  • Segmentation – Segment user data by SSID and Access Point. Multiple venues on single UniFi site
  • Authentication – Client MAC authentication using external portal API integration
  • Hosting – Free hosting for small deployments and affordable hosting with a hosting partner for larger deployments
  • Easy Setup – Guided setup wizard lets you connect your UniFi controller and customize your guest portal in minutes
  • Secure – SSL encryption and data protection. Password secrets manager for additional security
  • UniFi First – API access to UniFi controller with continuous updates and post UniFi update testing

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UniFi Hotspot Service

This is just the start for the MyPlace UniFi Hotspot Service. There are many more features planned for the months and years ahead. You can read more about the MyPlace WiFi Hotspot Service and more specific details on the UniFi Hotspot CRM integration on the main menu of the site.

Get started now with a free trial

If you already have a UniFi access point with an online controller you can launch your own portal in minutes.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ’s or contact us

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