MyPlace Connect moves into Indian Market

Irish wifi company MyPlace Connect is expanding its business into the Indian market, following its move into the US and other European markets last year.

The company said more than 1,000 users have already signed up with the free wifi network in India, adding to more than 400,000 in Ireland.

MyPlace Connect allows users to log on to its free network via a once-off registration. The cost of providing internet access is funded by the venues offering the service, which pay a monthly fee to access MyPlace Connect’s wifi packages.

The packages vary from starter plans to more advanced offerings that provide more data on customers.

Chief executive Peadar Gormley said MyPlace Connect plans to keep the momentum in its expansion plan.

“There is a growing Asian market and it is an area we hope to target in 2014. Now that we have our first Indian customer, it has allowed us to understand the needs and wants of customers in that part in the world,” he said. “The market intelligence gained has been invaluable and I believe the company can only go up from here.”

MyPlace Connect moves into Indian Market as reported by the Irish Times 20th February 2014

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