Monster Product Update
April 2023


Revolutionize Your WiFi Experience with MyPlace UniFi Update!

Tired of language barriers, slow login times, and unreliable email validation on your UniFi guest portal? Struggling with unresponsive UDM devices?

Discover how MyPlace UniFi’s latest update addresses these issues with auto-translation, improved email validation, UDM auto-reboot, and enhanced connection speeds.

Dive into our comprehensive overview of the new features, integrations, and improvements in MyPlace UniFi’s guest portal service, designed to make your WiFi experience seamless and efficient. Read on to learn more!

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Auto Translation

Perhaps the biggest update in this most recent batch is the auto translate feature. This new feature displays all text in the natural language of the WiFi guest user. This is a significant improvement and now means that the MyPlace UniFi guest portal service can be deployed anywhere in the world

Email Validation

Another major new feature is the introduction of an improved email validation system. Now guest user emails are validated during the sign in process, instead of requiring users to click on an email to verify. The verification option still exists, but the new validation method is significantly better for venue and user alike. More emails, better guest experience – capturing guest email on UniFi has never been easier

UDM Auto Reboot

This new feature allows the UDM to be rebooted automatically when it enters a frozen state. We have seen several UDM devices go into an unresponsive state, characterised by ‘UniFi is having trouble in this direction’. An automated reboot command resolves this scenario

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Login Service load speed

Major improvement to login service connection speed. Simpler and more effective connection to UniFi controller software and database allows for 3x faster login times. This feature improves the connection between the external portal server and the UniFi Controller

Facebook Custom Audience

Retarget WiFi users by uploading the captured email list to Facebook. Reach existing customers at a fraction of cost. New integration allows WIFi user data to get uploaded automatically to Facebook as a custom audience.


Many other improvements including:

Whats up next?

Over the coming weeks, we plan on adding new integrations and adding more Social WiFi login options as well as some new features that we are keeping under wraps for now.

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In conclusion, the recent updates to MyPlace’s WiFi guest portal service are a testament to the company’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for its users. There are many more updates and integrations on the horizon. MyPlace is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of WiFi marketing technology.

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