Product Updates September 2022

It has been a busy summer for the MyPlace product development team. The product roadmap continues to evolve as new features get added and new plans get made. As always we try to factor in any new development based on feedback from customers. Specifically, we got the message that 2 areas in particular needed attention. First was that our pricing structure needed to be more reflective of value delivered. Second, was that we needed more customisation in the customer WiFi login portal. 

Pricing Structure Update

Pricing any product is never easy. Several years ago when we launched our UniFi guest portal integration we designed a pricing strategy that we though would best reflect the value exchange for customers. Over time it became clear that this was not the optimal way of pricing the product. After some research and planning we have released our new pricing structure. It is no longer based on the number of access point in a location and is instead based on the number of users using the WiFi guest portal service. You can have 1 or 100 UniFi access points and the price will be the same

Pricing Structure

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Captive Portal Customization

The captive portal login process for users has been completely redesigned. Following conversation and feedback from users it was clear that there was a desire for more customization options. The following improvements have been implemented

  • Customize questions asked during WiFi registration
  • Ability to change registration text and UX
  • Ability to view and edit terms and conditions
  • Preview modal for viewing changes in real time
  • Ability to skip questions to shorten the registration flow
  • Ability to add custom questions to the WiFi login process

Other Improvements

There were many new features added and improvements made to include

  • Subscription discount options
  • New colour schema for dashboard
  • Email instead of username function
  • UniFi controller integration video guides added
  • Additional links to help navigation
  • Google SSO updated

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