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Just a quick update on some new features added this week. We don’t always officially announce all new features and we really should. Sometimes they are small and incremental but they all add up to make our WiFi Marketing product better. This new feature allows you you to set the length of the WiFi session time granted to a user. 

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What is a WiFi Session?

A WiFi session is a period of time allocated to a WiFi user once they get authenticated on the WiFi network. During this period of time the user will not need to go through the captive portal again. By creating a short session time you can bring them back to the UniFi Guest Portal more often and if you choose a long session time they will rarely if ever see the login portal

Wifi session

Non Verified vs Verified Users

The WiFi Session time comes into context when you apply it to the verification status of the WiFi User. Verified Users have completed registration and we have all the primary data we require. There is no need to send them through the portal when you can simply let them access seamlessly while still capturing background data. A non verified user on the other hand has an incomplete profile. To complete this profile and to capture as much primary data as possible we should send them back to the portal as often as possible, within reason.

Incremental Improvements

So now you can change the session times for these variables yourself, from within the MyPlace Dashboard. This feature and more is available from our WiFi Marketing Product page . Along with our other recently added Mailchimp WiFi integration this is another step in right direction.

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