Notifications and Alerts for UniFi Guest Portal

What better way to start the New Year than to release lots of new features. This notifications and alerts UniFi specific batch of features has been designed to improve the operations and efficiency of the integration with UniFi. There are so many variables with the integration with Ubqiuiti UniFi that you can never have enough checks and monitors in place. This is even more important since the recent release of our UniFi controller hostname service and the ability to work with the UniFi Dream Machine and Cloud Key Gen 2 . When it comes to getting guests online, we invets the time and effort to mkae sure that it is a seamless process.

Four Pillars

The new release contains features under four main categories.

  1. Events

  2. Notifications

  3. Ops Dashboard

  4. Logging

These features are all based on the same core logic, but all serve different use cases. The notifications and alerts UniFi specific feature set deliver the message when you are ready for it

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The events feature creates a log of all events relevant to the MyPlace service. There are many events and too many to list here on an individual basis. They are accessible in the settings tab of the service where you can see a list of all recent events. This feature has been developed to help provide additional insight to clients. It is helpful as a reference point when reviewing the portal and network performance

unifi events


The notification section exposes the most important event types and allows the customer to receive alerts for these events. The customer can select some, all or none of these notification alerts. The notification options are listed below:

Guest Portal Service

  1. New User Registration – Alert when a new user registers

  2. Guest Portal Error – Alert when there is an error reaching the guest portal service

  3. No User Activity – Alert if no activity in the last 24 hours

  4. Page Speed Low – Alert if user experiencing delays on the guest portal

Network Service

  1. Network Application Status – Alert if the status of the Network Application (Controller) has changed

  2. Database Capacity – Alert if there are any issues with the database capacity on the network application

  3. SSL Cert – Alert if the SSL cert on the controller hostname is due to expire or has expired

unifi notifications

Ops Dashboard

The ops dashboard takes many of the key events and displays them in a dynamic table view with hyperlinks to various sections. This allows for quick and easy overviews of the health of the guest network. Filters and search functionality allows for instant data retrieval. Additional healthchecks include:

  1. Guest Policy Applied – Check to ensure network is setup as a guest network

  2. Access point Status – Traffic light indicator, showing the status of WiFi access points in the network

  3. Network Application CPU – Data point displaying CPU of device hosting the network application

  4. Webeserver Packet Drops – Data point displaying number of webserver packet drops

unifi ops dashboard

Config & Logging

The final category includes the ability to retrieve the recent UniFi network application log file from insider the MyPlace service. It also includes the ability to download the system config file. These files are useful for the MyPlace support team in the event of troublehsooting an issue.

Notifications and Alerts for UniFi Guest Service

The most recent release of this batch of features significantly enhance the integration between MyPlace Connect and Ubiquiti UniFi. This is particularly important with the growing importance of the UniFi Dream Machine and Cloud Key. They have not been created and built to find errors on the guest service, but rather to provide reassurance and comfort that the service is working as it should. It is another important step for MyPlace on our journey to become the best guest portal service for Ubiquiti UniFi networks.


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