Now More Than Ever

The Journey Begins

We are all hoping that some type of normality returns for our businesses for the remainder of 2020 and it is reasonable to assume that we are at the start of that journey. In truth, it has been more than a difficult year for any business in the hospitality and entertainment industry for reasons that we are all too aware of. The recovery has started and it will take time, but it will happen.

It can be hard to think of anything beyond getting you business back to a basic level of functionality. Added to that all the additional admin requirements and the day feels pretty full before even thinking about value added activities such as marketing and sales. This has been the default mindset for the majority of people in the hospitality and entertainment industry however we need to move on from that now. Businesses need to move from being defensive to being offensive for the remainder of this journey and beyond.

Now More Than Ever

Now more than ever, your business needs to have a growth mindset. You need to reach out to your customers and potential customers and bring them back to your venue. Remind them why they loved your product before and why they will love it again even more now. You can reach your audience through social media, email marketing, paid media or whatever method works best for you.

Do you know how to reach your customers? If you have an email list, then great, you have a hugely valuable free resource that you can easily activate to increase your business. If you don’t have one then now really is the best time to start building one. Each customer that walks through your door in the coming months can be re-marketed to, so you can get them to come back again and again. Capturing their email when they use your WiFi is a really easy way to do that. With barely any effort you can build up an email database of significant value in a short period of time. You can also easily integrate the data with Mailchimp, the most popular email marketing platform.

New Opportunities

There are other factors which now make customer email more important than ever now. Consider the increase in food and drink delivery during these past few months. This is, and will be an important driver of revenue in the years to come. This part of your business will significantly benefit from having a customer database so you can target people who have already been in your venue to order directly from your delivery service. WiFi Marketing is one great and easy way to build your community.

Get Started Today

Now is the time to start building again. MyPlace can help you build by capturing your customers email data when they use your WiFi. We can help turn your WiFi into a marketing machine. 

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